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Customised Tours

'Personalisation' is key. Every person's or group's trip is different and will be planned individually. There are no 'cookie cutter' tours here.

Customised Tours

Global Golf offers customised assistance to golfers wishing to organize golf holidays pretty much anywhere around the world! All of us, as golfers, talk about 'the pilgrimage', 'the trip of a lifetime' or 'the return to the cradle of the game'. With the help of Global Golf (and our network of Golf Friends) it's not as complex or as expensive as you may think! At Global Golf we don't generally offer pre-arranged, set tours. Whilst we love to provide objective recommendations, as well as lots of sample itineraries, our trips are totally customised to the desires of the travelling group.

What do we mean by "Customised"?  A "customised" tour is the opposite of a pre-planned,  set itinerary. All our itineraries are unique to you and your dreams. Furthermore, our service is totally; well, "personal". We work with all our clients one-on-one. When you call our office, we answer the phone or return your call. We're available on weekends and evenings. We guarantee to have a response to you within 24 hours. It may be old fashioned, but planning a personalised golf experience with us is just that-personalised. It's just like the way you work with your investment counsellor or accountant.

We work with you to plan and book your own 'Trip of a Lifetime'.  We agree on an itinerary and we "package it up" including 10% mark-up on all components we "manage" for you. We pay all the suppliers and you repay us according to a schedule. We provide total transparency as well as a 'Fixed Price' 

We Customise Golf Tours

Why A Personalised Golf Travel Planner?

Like any good professional, we can help you save time and money. We've done the travelling. We've played the courses. We've stayed in the hotels. We've read the books. We've spent thousands of hours on the internet. Engaging us as a Travel Planner is like engaging the services of an accountant or investment advisor. Our knowledge will save your time and money.

In order to provide travellers with maximum flexibility in terms of 'Inbound' and 'Outbound' travel arrangements we specialize in providing 'ground content' only. That is, we help you with arrangements once you arrive in your destination country, leaving you to seek out the optimal air/other travel connections and fares. We can guide you on alternative methods for securing access to even the most inaccessible courses.

We also believe there are a few secrets in putting together a successful golf trip and have documented some of these in our 10 Guidelines for Great Golf Adventures.